Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology

The Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology focuses on heavy oil and oil-sands technology, thermal recovery techniques, unconventional gas supplies, optimization techniques, increasing recovery from older basins, and other technologies designed for the production challenges of Canada. Most of these technologies have worldwide applications as well.

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Volume 49, Issue 06

Investigation of the Complex Flow Behaviour of Surfactant-Based Fluids in Straight Tubing

Kamel, Ahmed H. Ahmed, University of Oklahoma
Shah, Subhash, University of Oklahoma
138972-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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Modelling of 4D Seismic Data for the Monitoring of Steam Chamber Growth During the SAGD Process

Lerat, Olivier O., IFP
Adjemian, Florence, IFP
Baroni, Axelle, IFP
Etienne, G., IFP
Renard, Gerard, IFP
Bathellier, Eric, CGGVeritas
Forgues, Eric, CGGVeritas
Aubin, Francois, CGGVeritas
Euzen, Tristan, IFP Technologies
138401-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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Model Uncertainties and Resolution Studies With Application to Subsurface Movement of a CO2 Injection Project in the Krechba Field Using InSAR Data

Du, Jing, Pinnacle - A Halliburton Service
McColpin, Glenn R., Pinnacle - A Halliburton Service
Davis, Eric J., Pinnacle - A Halliburton Service
Marsic, Scott, Pinnacle - A Halliburton Service
138968-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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Performance Analysis of Wells With Downhole Water Loop Installation for Water Coning Control

Jin, Lu, Louisiana State University
Wojtanowicz, Andrew K., Louisiana State University
138402-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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Simulation of O/W Emulsion Flow in Alkaline/Surfactant Flood for Heavy Oil Recovery

Wang, Jinxun, Core Laboratories Canada
Dong, Mingzhe, University of Calgary
138969-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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New Method of Well Test Analysis in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Based on Elliptical Flow

Igbokoyi, Alpheus, University of Oklahoma
Tiab, Djebbar, University of Oklahoma
138404-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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The Design and Development of a Drilling Simulator for Planning and Optimizing Under-Balanced Drilling Operations

Shirkavand, Farid, University of Calgary
Hareland, Geir, University of Calgary
Olson, Wayne, Husky Energy
139125-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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Conducting SAGD in Shoreface Oil Sands With Associated Basal Water

Peterson, Jeff, Laricina Energy Ltd.
Riva, D.T., Laricina Energy Ltd.
Connelly, M.E., Laricina Energy Ltd.
Solanki, S.C., Laricina Energy Ltd.
Edmunds, Neil R., Laricina Energy Ltd.
138403-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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Analysis of Threaded Connection Reliability for Compression Application

Alves, Paul, AP Dynamics
Forcinito, Mario, AP Dynamics
Xu, Jason, AP Dynamics
Ferguson, Matthew, AP Dynamics
Tardif, Philip, BP America
Jensen, Paul, BP Canada Energy
138971-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2010
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