Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology

The Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology focuses on heavy oil and oil-sands technology, thermal recovery techniques, unconventional gas supplies, optimization techniques, increasing recovery from older basins, and other technologies designed for the production challenges of Canada. Most of these technologies have worldwide applications as well.

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Volume 47, Issue 10

Basic Investigations on Enhanced Gas Recovery by Gas-Gas Displacement

Turta, A.T., Alberta Research Council
Sim, S.S.K., Alberta Research Council
Singhal, A.K., Alberta Research Council
Hawkins, B.F., Alberta Research Council
08-10-39 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2008
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Enhanced Aqueous Fracturing Fluid Recovery from Tight Gas Formations: Foamed CO2 Pre-pad Fracturing Fluid and More Effective Surfactant Systems

Tamayo, H.C., Halliburton
Lee, K.J., Halliburton
Taylor, R.S., Halliburton
08-10-33 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2008
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Gas Transport in Bidisperse Coal Particles: Investigation for an Effective Diffusion Coefficient in Coalbeds

Yi, J., Chongqing University of Science and Technology
Akkutlu, I.Y., The University of Oklahoma
Deutsch, C.V., University of Alberta
08-10-20 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2008
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Generalized Darcy's Law by Control Volume Analysis Including Capillary and Orifice Effects

Civan, F., The University of Oklahoma
08-10-01 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2008
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Laboratory Investigation on the Permeability of Coal During Primary and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Production

Guo, R., University of Calgary
Akkutlu, K. Mannhardt, University of Calgary
Kantzas, A., University of Calgary
08-10-27 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2008
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A New Method Using Wellhead Measurement to Approximate Unsteady- State Gas-Water Two-Phase Flow in Wellbore to Calculate Inflow Performance

Lin, Q., Harvest Energy
Zhang, L., Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau,China
Lin, Y.P., Apache Canada Ltd.
Xie, N.X., Southwest Oil & Gas Field Company of Petrochina
08-10-14 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2008
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Novel Density and Viscosity Correlations for Gases and Gas Mixtures Containing Hydrocarbon and Non-Hydrocarbon Components

El-M. Shokir, E.M., King Saud University
08-10-45 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2008
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