Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology

Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology focuses on heavy oil and oil sands technology, thermal recovery techniques, unconventional gas supplies, optimization techniques, increasing recovery from older basins, and other technologies designed for the production challenges of Canada. Most of these technologies have worldwide applications as well.

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Volume 46, Issue 08

Canadian Oil and Gas Companies' Activities With the Former Soviet Oil Ministry: The Cold War Era 1973 - 1980

Leiper, H.W., Leiper Energy Services Ltd.
07-08-GE PETSOC Journal Paper - 2007
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Effect of HS and Pressure Depletion on the CO MMP of Zama Oils

Sayegh, S., Saskatchewan Research Council
Huang, S., Saskatchewan Research Council
Zhang, Y.P., Saskatchewan Research Council
Lavoie, R., Calpetra Research and Consulting Inc.
07-08-03 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2007
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Genetic Algorithm (GA)-Based Correlations Offer More Reliable Prediction of Minimum Miscibility Pressures (MMP) Between Reservoir Oil and CO or Flue Gas

Emera, M.K., University of Adelaide
Javadpour, F., University of Calgary
Sarma, H.K., University of Adelaide
07-08-01 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2007
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Innovative Use of the Oil and Gas Regulations

Swanson, R.L., Fekete Associates, Inc.
07-08-TN PETSOC Journal Paper - 2007
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Laboratory Testing of Novel Sealant for Leaky Wells

Bibic, O., EnCana Corporation
Polikar, M., University of Alberta
Boyd, J., Seal-MastR Systems Ltd.
07-08-05 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2007
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Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Conversion of Athabasca Bitumen. Part I: Reaction Pathways and Experimental Method

Chan, K., University of Alberta
Diaz-Goano, C., University of Alberta
Dettman, H., Saskatchewan Research Council
De Bruijn, T., National Centre For Upgrading Technology
07-08-04 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2007
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Mitigating Explosion Risks in High Pressure Air Injection Compressors

Sutherland, R.B., Encore Acquisition Company
Hammawa, H., University of Calgary
Moore, R.G., University of Calgary
Mehta, S.A., University of Calgary
Ursenbach, M.G., University of Calgary
07-08-06 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2007
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