Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology

The Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology focuses on heavy oil and oil-sands technology, thermal recovery techniques, unconventional gas supplies, optimization techniques, increasing recovery from older basins, and other technologies designed for the production challenges of Canada. Most of these technologies have worldwide applications as well.

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Volume 40, Issue 03

Chemical Methods for Heavy Oil Recovery

Thomas, S., PERL Canada Ltd.
Ali, S.M. Farouq, PERL Canada Ltd.
Scoular, J.R., Saskatchewan Research Council
Verkoczy, B., Saskatchewan Research Council
01-03-05 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2001
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Effect of Viscosity and Diffusion Coefficient on the Kinetics of Bubble Growth in Solution-Gas Drive in Heavy Oil

Kumar, R., University of Calgary
Pooladi-Darvish, M.O., University of Calgary
01-03-02 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2001
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Effects of Temperature on Foamy Oil Flowin Solution Gas-Drive in Cold Lake Field

Greaves, M., University Of Bath
Maini, B.B., University Of Bath
Chakma, A., The University of Regina
01-03-04 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2001
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Modelling Cold Production for Heavy Oil Reservoirs

Denbina, E.S., Epic Consulting Services. Ltd.
Baker, R.O., Epic Consulting Services. Ltd.
Gegunde, G.G., Epic Consulting Services. Ltd.
Klesken, A.J., Epic Consulting Services. Ltd.
Sodero, S.F., Epic Consulting Services. Ltd.
01-03-01 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2001
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THAI-New Air Injection Technology for Heavy Oil Recovery and In Situ Upgrading

Greaves, M., University Of Bath
Saghr, A.M., University Of Bath
Xia, T.X., University Of Bath
Turtar, A., Petroleum Recovery Institute
Ayasse, C., Petroleum Recovery Institute
01-03-03 PETSOC Journal Paper - 2001
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Mechanisms of Solution Gas Drive in Heavy Oil Reservoirs

Firoozabadi, Abbas, Reservoir Engineering Research Institute
01-03-DAS PETSOC Journal Paper - 2001
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