International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering

 ISOPE Journal (IJOPE)

The primary aim of the IJOPE, the International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, is to serve engineers and researchers worldwide by disseminating technical information of permanent interest in the fields of offshore, ocean, polar, marine, energy/resources, environment, mechanics and materials engineering.  The IJOPE is the principal periodical of The International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE), which is very active in the dissemination of technical information and organization of symposiums and conferences in these fields throughout the world.

Volume 24, Issue 04

Iida, Takahito, Osaka University
Kashiwagi, Masashi, Osaka University
He, Guangua, Osaka University
14-24-4-241 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Hsu, Wen-Yang, National Cheng Kung University
Yang, Ray-Yeng, National Cheng Kung University
Hsu, Tian-Jian, University of Delaware
Torres-Freyermuth, Alec, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Hwung, Hwung-Hweng, National Cheng Kung University
14-24-4-247 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Nakamura, Tomoaki, Nagoya University
Mizutani, Norimi, Nagoya University
Aoyama, Koji, Nagoya Railroad Co. Ltd.
14-24-4-253 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Song, Yue, Dalian University of Technology
Huang, Guoxing, Dalian University of Technology
Pei, Yuguo, Dalian University of Technology
Shi, Xianying, Dalian University of Technology
Zhang, Ningchuan, Dalian University of Technology
Lin, Liyang, Dalian University of Technology
14-24-4-262 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Nakamura, Tomoaki, Nagoya University
Mizutani, Norimi, Nagoya University
14-24-4-269 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Hensel, Jonas, Technische Universitat Braunschweig
Nitschke-Pagel, Thomas, Technische Universitat Braunschweig
Dilger, Klaus, Technische Universitat Braunschweig
Wimpory, Robert C., Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin fur Materialien und Energie
14-24-4-278 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Murakami, Yoshiaki, JFE Steel Corporation
Takeuchi, Yoshiko, JFE Steel Corporation
Hase, Kazukuni, JFE Steel Corporation
Endo, Shigeru, JFE Steel Corporation
Sakimoto, Takahiro, JFE Steel Corporation
Handa, Tsunehisa, JFE Steel Corporation
14-24-4-286 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Ferino, Jan, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA
Fonzo, Andrea, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA
Porta, Riccardo, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA
Spinelli, Carlo Maria, Eni
14-24-4-292 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Xu, Ri-qing, Zhejiang University
Wang, Xing-chen, Zhejiang University
Rong, Xue-ning, Zhejiang University
14-24-4-301 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014
Baek, Wonjin, Chonnam National University
Kim, Juhyun, Yamaguchi University
Matsuda, Hiroshi, Yamaguchi University
Ishikura, Ryohei, Kyushu University
Hwang, Koouho, Defense Installations Agency
14-24-4-309 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2014