International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering

The primary aim of the IJOPE, the International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, is to serve engineers and researchers worldwide by disseminating technical information of permanent interest in the fields of offshore, ocean, polar, marine, energy/resources, environment, mechanics and materials engineering. 

Volume 23, Issue 03

Tanaka, Satoyuki, Hiroshima University
Okazawa, Shigenobu, Hiroshima University
Okada, Hiroshi, Tokyo University of Science
Xi, Yang, Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation
Ohtsuki, Yasuaki, Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation
13-23-3-232 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Pei, Zhiyong, Wuhan University of Technology
Iijima, Kazuhiro, Osaka University
Fujikubo, Masahiko, Osaka University
Tanaka, Yoshiteru, National Maritime Research Institute
Tanaka, Satoyuki, Hiroshima University
Okazawa, Shigenobu, Hiroshima University
Yao, Tetsuya, Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
13-23-3-224 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Stappenbelt, Brad, University of Wollongong
Johnstone, Andrew, University of Wollongong
13-23-3-205 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Shen, Fei, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Cao, Zhiqiang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhou, Chao, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xu, De, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Gu, Nong, Deakin University
13-23-3-166 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Tanizawa, Katsuji, National Maritime Research Institute
Kitagawa, Yasusi, National Maritime Research Institute
Takimoto, Tadanori, National Maritime Research Institute
Tsukada, Yoshiaki, National Maritime Research Institute
13-23-3-197 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
La Rocca, Michele, University Roma TRE
Prestininzi, Pietro, University Roma TRE
Adduce, Claudia, University Roma TRE
Sciortino, Giampiero, University Roma TRE
Hinkelmann, Reinhard, Technische Universität Berlin
13-23-3-178 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Yang, Kyung-Kyu, Seoul National University
Nam, Bo-Woo, Seoul National University
Lee, Jae-Hoon, Seoul National University
Kim, Yonghwan, Seoul National University
13-23-3-186 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Kolomijeca, Anna, Technical University Berlin
Kronfeldt, Heinz-Detlef, Technical University Berlin
Kwon, Yong-Hyok, Academy of Sciences, Pyongyang,
13-23-3-161 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Kobayashi, Shunichi, Shinshu University
Morikawa, Hirohisa, Shinshu University
Soyano, Hirotake, Mechatronics Works Co., Ltd.
Nakabayashi, Masataka, Utsunomiya University
13-23-3-172 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013
Igi, Satoshi, JFE Steel Corporation Chiba
Sakimoto, Takahiro, JFE Steel Corporation Chiba
Tajika, Hisakazu, JFE Steel Corporation Chiba
Tsuyama, Seishi, JFE Steel Corporation Chiba
Endo, Shigeru, JFE Steel Corporation Chiba
Muraoka, Ryuji, JFE Steel Corporation Fukuyama
Suzuki, Nobuhisa, JFE Techno-Research Corporation Kawasaki
13-23-3-218 ISOPE Journal Paper - 2013