11th World Petroleum Congress

28 August-2 September 1983, London, UK

Number of conference papers: 195

Tomita, T., Toyo Engineering Corporation
Kikuchi, K., Toyo Engineering Corporation
Sakamoto, T., Toyo Engineering Corporation
Ishida, K., Toyo Engineering Corporation
Moriya, A., Toyo Engineering Corporation
20344 WPC Conference Paper - 1983
Martinez, A. R., Consultant on Energy Policy, Venezuela
Ion, D. C., Energy Resources Analyst, UK
DeSorcy, G. J., Energy Resources Conservation Board, Canada
Dekker, H., Petroleum Consultant, The Netherlands
Smith, S., Phillips Petroleum Company, USA
Desprairies, P., Institut Français du Pétrole, France
Engelhoven, M., Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatachappij BV, The Netherlands
Kruizenga, R. J., Exxon Corporation, USA
20134 WPC Conference Paper - 1983
Ion, D. C., Chairman of the British Organizing Committee
20004 WPC Conference Paper - 1983
Listed, Not,
20001 WPC Conference Paper - 1983
Congresses, World Petroleum,
20002 WPC Conference Paper - 1983

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