Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition

27-29 March 2019, Ravenna, Italy

Number of conference papers: 165

Urbano, Giorgio, Rina Consulting S.p.A.
Rocco, Elena, Rina Consulting S.p.A.
2019-1112 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Serena, Alessandro, Eni S.p.A
Dallera, Stefano, Eni S.p.A
Roccaro, Ernesto, Eni S.p.A
Zennaro, Roberto, Eni S.p.A
2019-1115 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Boesing, David, Baker Hughes, GE company
Wessling, Stefan, Baker Hughes, GE company
2019-1097 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Ritzmann, Nicklas, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Steinsiek, Roger, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Dymmock, Stephen, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Moody, Brian, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Morris, Stephen, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Oldervoll, Alf, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Aarnes, Ingelinn, Baker Hughes, a GE company
2019-1064 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Alaa, Mohamed, Petrobel
Khalil, Mohamed, Petrobel
Samir, Eman, Petrobel
Mourad, Aly, Schlumberger
Khattab, Ahmed, Schlumberger
2019-0909 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Pirrone, M., Eni S.p.A
Galli, M. T., Eni S.p.A
Grilli, D., Eni S.p.A
Garofoli, L., Eni S.p.A
2019-1058 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Saad, Ahmed, EGPC
Khalaf, Basem, Rashpetco
Hassan, Amr, EGPC
2019-1125 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Mascheroni, Luca, Geolog Technologies Srl
2019-1222 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
McGeorge, Dag, DNV GL AS
Sødahl, Nils, DNV GL AS
Moslemian, Ramin, DNV GL AS
Hørte, Torfinn, DNV GL AS
2019-1160 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Das, Arindam, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Varanasi, Kripa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Zonta, Pier Paolo, EniProgetti, Venezia
Pontarollo, Alberto, EniProgetti, Venezia
Maddinelli, Giuseppe, Eni S.p.A. / S. Donato Milanese
2019-0959 OMC Conference Paper - 2019

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