Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition

27-29 March 2019, Ravenna, Italy

Number of conference papers: 165

Budinich, Michele, Cortem Spa
Decorte, Cristiano, Cortem Spa
2019-1193 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Redburn, Mike, Newpark Fluids Systems
Dixon, Matt, Newpark Fluids Systems
2019-0967 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
D'Alesio, Paolo, ProEnergy s.r.l.
Caramanico, Livio, ProEnergy s.r.l.
Angelucci, Elisa, ProEnergy s.r.l.
Scalzitti, Luigi, ProEnergy s.r.l.
Jamot, Norbert, TEREGA
Sorhabil, Jérémy, TEREGA
2019-1143 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Imbò, Pasquale, Eni S.p.A
Cappuccio, Pasquale, Eni S.p.A
Gorini, Simone, Eni S.p.A
2019-1227 OMC Conference Paper - 2019
Ciuperca, Constantin L., Weatherford
Niculescu, Bogdan M., University of Bucharest
2019-0980 OMC Conference Paper - 2019

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