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Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition

23-25 March 2011, Ravenna, Italy

Number of conference papers: 146

AlQuraishi, A.A., King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Alsewailem, F.D., King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
2011-161 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Andreussi, P., University of Pisa
Bonizzi, M., EA Sistemi
DiLullo, A., Eni E&P
2011-053 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Sabaa, A., Agiba Petroleum Co.
Crema, G., Agiba Petroleum Co.
Soegiyono, R., Schlumberger
2011-013 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Gioacchini, C., Agip KCO
Rizzi, W., Agip KCO
2011-174 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Hamada, G.M., The British University in Egypt
AlMajed, A.A., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Okasha, T.M., Aramco Co.
AlGathe, A.A., Hadhrmout University
2011-130 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Abdel-Shafy, T., Khalda Petroleum Company
Fattah, A., Khalda Petroleum Company
Corley, B., Baker Hughes
Khokhar, R., Baker Hughes
Maurer, H., Baker Hughes
2011-166 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Arora, G., Baker Hughes Inc
Stolyorov, S., Baker Hughes Inc
Gupta, A., Cairn Energy India Ltd
Purusharty, N., Cairn Energy India Ltd
Singh, R., Cairn Energy India Ltd
Mathur, M., Cairn Energy India Ltd
2011-183 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Pellino, S., Sviluppo Tecnologie Industriali Spa
Rainaldi, I., Tecnomare S.p.A.
2011-023 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Atzeni, G.L., Eni
Daniele, N., Eni
Baig, H., Schlumberger
Dutta, D.J., Schlumberger
Jacob, C., Schlumberger
Abangwu, P., Schlumberger
2011-168 OMC Conference Paper - 2011
Radicioni, A., Saipem Energy Services
Panico, P., Saipem Energy Services
Roldi, R., Saipem Energy Services
2011-060 OMC Conference Paper - 2011

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