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Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition

25-27 March 2009, Ravenna, Italy

Number of conference papers: 112

Nardiello, Roberto, Baker Hughes Inc.
Brambilla, Fabio, Baker Hughes Inc.
Toth, IIona Vargane, MOL Plc.
Szin, Laszlo, MOL Plc.
2009-012 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Delebecque, L., Saipem S.A.
Sibaud, E., Saipem S.A.
Scocard, M., Saipem S.A.
Rueda, C., Saipem S.A.
Delbene, P., Saipem S.A.
2009-074 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Wijnheijmer, F.P., Bosch Rexroth B.V.
2009-005 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Kippie, D., M-I Swaco
Marinescu, P., M-I Swaco
2009-125 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Malla, MS., Sonatrach, Exploration division
Abderrahim, A., Sonatrach, Exploration division
Laddada, A., Sonatrach, Exploration division
Benabdelmoumen, M.S., Sonatrach, Exploration division
Khennaf, N., Sonatrach, Exploration division
2009-027 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Jordan, C.L., JSW Innovations/ BOE Solutions
Waeyen, B., PetroClass Inc.
Smith, C.R., SemCams
Jackson, R., BOE Solutions Inc.
2009-022 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Bombardi, Andrea, Rina Industry
Brunori, Leonardo, Rina Industry
Nicora, Michele, Rina Industry
2009-127 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Romagnoli, Raffaele, Politecnico di Torino
2009-073 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Roure, F., IFP
Joseph, P., IFP
Ravenne, C., IFP
Callot, J-P., IFP
Addoum, B., Sonatrach
Benabdelmoumene, M.S., Sonatrach
Malla, M.S., Sonatrach
2009-037 OMC Conference Paper - 2009
Tehrani, A., M-I Swaco
Popplestone, A., M-I Swaco
Ayansina, T., M-I Swaco
2009-060 OMC Conference Paper - 2009

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