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6-10 March 2016, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Number of conference papers: 389

Keitelman, A. D., Independent Consultant
Alvarez, M. G., Comisión Nacional de Energia Atómica
2016-7214 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Le Manchet, Sandra, INDUSTEEL
Proust, Antoine, INDUSTEEL
2016-7036 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Fieltsch, Wolfgang, Stantec Consulting Limited
Silva, Daniel, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
2016-7393 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Perdomo, J. J., ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
Morales, I. A., ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
Houben, J. H., ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
2016-7856 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Islam, Moavin, Corrpro Companies, Inc.
Ellor, James, Elzly Technology Corporation
2016-7845 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Clark, Jennifer, The Lubrizol Corporation
Minch, Britt, The Lubrizol Corporation
Rodeheaver, Eric, The Lubrizol Corporation
Moran, Greg, The Lubrizol Corporation
Znosko, Chris, The Lubrizol Corporation
2016-7750 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Gummow, R. A., Corrosion Service Company Limited
Segall, S., Corrosion Service Company Limited
Fingas, D., Corrosion Service Company Limited
2016-7531 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Namazi, Fatemeh, South Zagros Oil and Gas Company
Almasi, Hojjatolah, 5Th District of Gas Transmission Operation
2016-7187 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Pang, Xin, CanmetMATERIALS, Natural Resources Canada
2016-7388 NACE Conference Paper - 2016
Andresen, Peter, GE Global Research Center
Carter, Robert, Electric Power Research Institute
2016-7760 NACE Conference Paper - 2016

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