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13-17 March 2011, Houston, Texas

Number of conference papers: 418

Aguirre, Fabio, Dow Coating Materials
Kirkpatrick, Don, Dow Coating Materials
11028 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Pratt, Jennifer K., 3M Company
Mallozzi, Meghan, 3M Company
D'Souza, Andrew, 3M Company
11031 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Perez, Jaime P., Saudi Aramco
11091 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Atkins, Chris, MOTT MACDONALD Ltd.
Brueckner, Rene, MOTT MACDONALD Ltd.
Foster, Anthony, MOTT MACDONALD Ltd.
Merola, Rudi, MOTT MACDONALD Ltd.
11007 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Yamada, Junya, Inpex Corporation
Kaneta, Hidenori, Inpex Corporation
Nakayama, Katsuyoshi, Inpex Corporation
11088 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Case, Raymundo P., ConocoPhillips
Rincon, Hernan E., ConocoPhillips
McIntyre, Dale R., ConocoPhillips
11252 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Ray, R.I., Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center
Lee, J.S., Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center
Little, B.J., Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center
Gerke, T.L., Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati
11217 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Adey, Robert A., CM BEASY Ltd
Peratta, Andres, CM BEASY Ltd
Baynham, John M.W., CM BEASY Ltd
11002 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Uchida, S., Institute of Applied Energy
Naitoh, M., Institute of Applied Energy
Okada, H., Institute of Applied Energy
Ohira, T., Japan Atomic Power Co.
Koshizuka, S., University of Tokyo
Lister, D.H., University of New Brunswick
11239 NACE Conference Paper - 2011
Ohtsu, Takao, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Miyazawa, Masazumi, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
11278 NACE Conference Paper - 2011

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