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ISRM Regional Symposium - EUROCK 2014

27-29 May 2014, Vigo, Spain

Number of conference papers: 254

Nassir, M., Taurus Reservoir Solutions Ltd.
Walters, D., Taurus Reservoir Solutions Ltd.
EUROCK-2014-082 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
Iglesias, C., University of Vigo
Veiga, M., University of Vigo
Larrocha, H., UTE Ave Porto-Miamán, Vilar de Barrio
EUROCK-2014-183 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
González, C., Universidad Politácnica de Cataluña
Arroyo, M., Universidad Politácnica de Cataluña
Gens, A., Universidad Politácnica de Cataluña
EUROCK-2014-053 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
Stypulkowski, J. B., CDM Smith
Pathak, A. K., CDM Smith
Bernardeau, F. G., CDM Smith
EUROCK-2014-047 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
Cooper, S., Cobre Las Cruces, S.A.
Rodríguez, M. D., Cobre Las Cruces, S.A.
Pozo, V., Subterra Ingeniería, S.L.
Galera, J. M., Subterra Ingeniería, S.L.
EUROCK-2014-105 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
Lazzari, E., KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Johansson, F., KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Ivars, D. Mas, ITASCA Consultants AB
Juncal, A. Sánchez, ITASCA Consultants AB
EUROCK-2014-124 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
Lafrance, N., INERIS
Souley, M., INERIS
Auvray, C., University of Lorraine
Favreau, O., University of Lorraine
Labiouse, V., EPFL
EUROCK-2014-070 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
León-Buendía, Carlos, Isolux-Corsan
Santamaría-Arias, Jesús, Isolux-Corsan
Alejano, Leandro R., University of Vigo
Giráldez, Raul, University of Vigo
EUROCK-2014-199 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
Celluzzi, E., University “Roma Tre”
Graziani, A., University “Roma Tre”
Lembo-Fazio, A., University “Roma Tre”
EUROCK-2014-210 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014
Dadashzadeh, N., Middle East Technical University
Aras, C., Middle East Technical University
Yesiloglu-Gultekin, N., Middle East Technical University
Bilgin, A., Middle East Technical University
Duzgun, H. S. B., Middle East Technical University
EUROCK-2014-203 ISRM Conference Paper - 2014

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