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ISRM Regional Symposium - EUROCK 2009

29-31 October 2009, Cavtat, Croatia

Number of conference papers: 136

Trinh, Q.N., SINTEF
Broch, E., NTNU
EUROCK-2009-081 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Tuokko, T., Helsinki University of Technology
Poutanen, M.S., Helsinki University of Technology
EUROCK-2009-061 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Noorani, R., Metra Consulting Engineers Co.
Kordi, H., Tarbiat Modarres University
Ghazvinian, A.H., Tarbiat Modarres University
EUROCK-2009-050 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Klishin, S.V., Mining Institute
Klishin, V.I., Mining Institute
EUROCK-2009-104 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Kodama, J., Hokkaido University
Narasaki, K., Hokkaido University
Kaneko, K., Hokkaido University
Nishiyama, E., Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.
Yoshida, Y., Muroran Institute of Technology
EUROCK-2009-086 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Senyur, M.G., Hacettepe University
Arikan, D., Hacettepe University
EUROCK-2009-080 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Avdic, M., Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kozar, I., University of Rijeka
Moranjkic, I., Mining Institute Tuzla
EUROCK-2009-095 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Rassouli, F.S., The University of Tehran
Moosavi, M., The University of Tehran
Jafari, M., The University of Tehran
EUROCK-2009-047 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Alejano, L.R., University of Vigo
Alonso, E., University of Vigo
Rodríguez-Dono, A., University of Vigo
EUROCK-2009-027 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009
Panthi, K.K., Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
EUROCK-2009-133 ISRM Conference Paper - 2009

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