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8th ISRM Congress

25-29 September 1995, Tokyo, Japan

Number of conference papers: 267

Habenicht, Helmut, WeiSSkirchen
Prasad, M., Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad
8CONGRESS-1995-248 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Grossmann, Nuno Feodor, Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC)
8CONGRESS-1995-008 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Ishida, Tsuyoshi, Yamaguchi University, Ube
Kanagawa, Tadashi, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Abiko
Uchita, Yasuo, The Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Amagasaki
Urayama, Masaru, NEWJEC Inc., Osaka
8CONGRESS-1995-120 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Vavrovsky, G.-M., Eisenbahn-Hochleistungsstrecken AG
Schubert, P., Geoconsult GmbH
8CONGRESS-1995-265 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Yasuda, Noboru, Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Kimura, Masashi, Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Saito, Hideki, Oyo Corporation
Nabeoka, Shozo, Daito Consultants Co. Ltd
8CONGRESS-1995-020 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Tommasi, P., National Research Council
Rotonda, T., University of Rome 'La Sapienza'
8CONGRESS-1995-078 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Knoll, P., GTU Ingenieurburo Knoll, Teltow/Berlin
Schreiber, B., GTU Ingenieurburo Knoll, Teltow/Berlin
Kowalle, G., GTU Ingenieurburo Knoll, Teltow/Berlin
Rother, K., GTU Ingenieurburo Knoll, Teltow/Berlin
Paskaleva, I., Central Laboratory of Seismic Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering, BAS, Sofia
Kouteva, M., Central Laboratory of Seismic Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering, BAS, Sofia
8CONGRESS-1995-237 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Venkatachalam, G., Indian Istitute of Technology, Bombay
8CONGRESS-1995-233 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Cravero, M., CNR, Centro Studio Problemi Minerari, Torino
Iabichino, G., CNR, Centro Studio Problemi Minerari, Torino
Piovano, V., Torino
8CONGRESS-1995-086 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995
Lee, Chung-In, Department of Mineral and Petroleum Engineering, Seoul National University
Chang, Keun-Moo, Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejeon
8CONGRESS-1995-158 ISRM Conference Paper - 1995

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