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1st ISRM Congress

25 September-1 October 1966, Lisbon, Portugal

Number of conference papers: 251

Norris, D.K., Geological Survey of Canada
1CONGRESS-1966-036 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Mendes, F. De Mello, Instituto Superior Tecnico
1CONGRESS-1966-102 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Feld, Jacob, New York Academy of Sciences
1CONGRESS-1966-218 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Colback, P.S.B., National Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
1CONGRESS-1966-066 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Zeitlen, Joseph G., Faculty of Civil Engineering, Israel Institute of Technology
Komornik, Amos, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Israel Institute of Technology
1CONGRESS-1966-168 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Arguelles, H., Ingenieur Geophysicien
Rivet, J.J., Ingenieur Geophysicien
Rondot, E., Ingenieur Geologue
1CONGRESS-1966-016 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Finnie, Iain, University of California
Oh, Hilario, University of California
1CONGRESS-1966-148 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Siemes, Heinrich JA., Kustos am Institut fur Mineralogie und Lagerstattenlehre der Technischen Hochschule Aachen
1CONGRESS-1966-038 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Joughin, N.C., Rock Mechanics Division, Mining Research Laboratory, Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines
1CONGRESS-1966-177 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966
Laura, Patricio A., Mechanical Engineering Department, Catholic University of America
1CONGRESS-1966-185 ISRM Conference Paper - 1966

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