13th ISRM International Congress of Rock Mechanics

10-13 May 2015, Montreal, Canada

Number of conference papers: 397

Romana, M., Valencia Polytechnic University
13CONGRESS-2015-129 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Wang, Zhi-liang, Kunming University of Science and Technology
Shen, Lin-fang, Kunming University of Science and Technology
Xie, Jian-bin, Yunnan University
13CONGRESS-2015-261 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Hudson, J. A., Imperial College, London
13CONGRESS-2015-407 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Sadowski, G. R., University of São Paulo
13CONGRESS-2015-372 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Moradian, Z., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Li, Q. B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Morgan, S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
da Silva, Gonçalves, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Germaine, J. T., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Einstein, H. H., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
13CONGRESS-2015-366 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Petružálek, Matej, Institute of Geology, Academy of Sciences
Lokajícek, Tomáš, Institute of Geology, Academy of Sciences
Svitek, Tomáš, Institute of Geology, Academy of Sciences
13CONGRESS-2015-255 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Pariseau, William G., University of Utah
13CONGRESS-2015-346 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Baxter, H., Pells Sullivan Meynink
Mittrup, D., BHP Billiton Iron Ore
Haest, M., BHP Billiton Iron Ore
13CONGRESS-2015-088 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Auvray, C., Université de Lorraine
Lafrance, N., Ecole des Mines de Nancy; University of Lorraine, GeoRessources Laboratory
Souley, M., Ecole des Mines de Nancy
Labiouse, V., Rock Mechanics Laboratory LMR, EPFL
13CONGRESS-2015-171 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015
Zhou, Yu, Tongji University
Xia, Caichu, Tongji University
Zhang, Pingyang, Tongji University
Zhou, Shuwei, Tongji University
Hu, Yongsheng, China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Ltd.
13CONGRESS-2015-137 ISRM Conference Paper - 2015

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