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The Eighth International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

24-29 May 1998, Montreal, Canada

Number of conference papers: 373

Peterson, I.K., Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Prinsenberg, S.J., Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Maillet, A., Canadian Coast Guard
I-98-180 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Hamamoto, Takuji, Musashi Institute of Technology
Suzuki, Akinori, Musashi Institute of Technology
Tsujioka, Nobuhiro, Musashi Institute of Technology
Fujita, Ken-ichi, Yokogawa Bridge Corporation
I-98-031 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Ruggieri, Claudio, University of São Paulo
I-98-321 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
GangaRao, Hota V.S., Florida Atlantic University
Burdine, Eric, Florida Atlantic University
Vijay, P.V., West Virginia University
I-98-331 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Unterseh, S., Ifremer
Cochonat, P., Ifremer
Voisset, M., Ifremer
Harmegnies, F., Ifremer
Ollie, G., Directorate XII for Science, Research and Development of the European Communities
I-98-294 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Mansard, Etienne P.D., Canadian Hydraulics Centre
Briggs, Michael J., USAE Waterways Experiment Station
I-98-229 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Geiro, A., Monash University
Grundy, P., Monash University
Cannon, S., Monash University
Nguyen, V., Monash University
I-98-345 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Tsvetsinsky, Alexander S., EPS "Eco-System"
Mikhailov, Nickolay N., All Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information
Voronfsov, Alexander A., All Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information
Shershneva, Larisa V., All Russian Scientific Institute of Natural Gasis and Gas Technology
I-98-142 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Psaraftis, Harilaos N., National Technical University of Athens
Panagakos, George, National Technical University of Athens
Desypris, Nicholas, National Technical University of Athens
Ventikos, Nicholas, National Technical University of Athens
I-98-367 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998
Sadigh, M.J., Isfahan University of Technology
Keshmiri, M., Isfahan University of Technology
I-98-270 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1998

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