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The Seventh International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

25-30 May 1997, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Number of conference papers: 518

NystrØm, Per R., J P Kenny A/S
TØmes, Knut, J P Kenny A/S
Bai, Yong, J P Kenny A/S
Damsleth, Per, J P Kenny A/S
I-97-198 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Wu, Jiaming, University of Hong Kong
Chwang, Allen T., University of Hong Kong
I-97-160 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Terashima, Takashi, Pacific Consultants, Co., Ltd.
Hanada, Masakuni, Hokkaido University
Kawai, Takaharu, Hokkaido University
Oshima, Kaori, Hokkaido University
Hara, Fumihiro, Hokkaido University
I-97-224 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Kaneko, Tomomi, Marine Biological Research Institute of Japan Co.
Maejima, Yoriko, Marine Biological Research Institute of Japan Co.
Teishima, Hirohiko, Metal Mining Agency of Japan
I-97-070 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Kryjov, Vladimir N., EPS Eco-System
I-97-294 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Yip, T.L., University of Hong Kong
Ghwang, Allen T., University of Hong Kong
I-97-301 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Makino, Y., Kumamoto University
Wilmshurst, S.R., Kumamoto University
Kurobane, Y., Kumamoto University
Yoshida, A., Wakachiku Construction Co., Ltd.
I-97-403 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Savenije, R.Ph.A.C., Transposrt Research Center (AVV)
I-97-439 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Shi, Xiaocheng, Harbin Engineering University
Bian, Xinqian, Harbin Engineering University
I-97-157 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997
Kaneko, Kenfi, Saga University
Takao, Manabu, Saga University
Setoguchi, Toshiaki, Saga University
I-97-014 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1997

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