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The Sixth International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

26-31 May 1996, Los Angeles, California, USA

Number of conference papers: 334

Hamamoto, Takuji, Musashi Institute of Technology
Hayashi, Takayuki, Musashi Institute of Technology
Fujita, Ken-ichi, Yokogawa Bridge Corp.
I-96-052 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Hanada, M., Hokkaido University
Ujihira, M., Hokkaido University
Hara, F., Hokkaido University
Saeki, H., Hokkaido University
I-96-151 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Karadeniz, H., Delft University of Technology
I-96-300 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Størkersen, Nils, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Henriksen, Henrich, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Klepaker, Rolf Arne, Simrad Norge A/S
I-96-120 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Papanikos, Nikolaos, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, National Technical University of Athens
Samuelides, Emmanuel, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, National Technical University of Athens
I-96-240 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Skourup, Jesper, International Research Centre for Computational Hydrodynamics (ICCH), Danish Hydraulic Institute
I-96-164 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Fung, D.P.K., The University of Hong Kong
I-96-194 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Chung, Jin S., Department of Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
Kim, Moo-Hyun, Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A & M University
I-96-242 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Martins, S.B.C., PRINCIPIA
Neto, J. Amaral, PRINCIPIA
Oliveira, L.F.S., PRINCIPIA
Sphaier, S.H., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
I-96-303 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996
Curran, R., The Queen's University of Belfast
Gato, L.M.C., Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.
I-96-009 ISOPE Conference Paper - 1996

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