The Twenty-third International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

30 June-5 July 2013, Anchorage, Alaska

Number of conference papers: 647

Zheng, Jingbin, The University of Western Australia
Hossain, Muhammad Shazzad, The University of Western Australia
Wang, Dong, The University of Western Australia
I-13-241 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Ye, Chong, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhao, Ling-zhi, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Peng, Yan, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liu, Yan-jiao, Chinese Academy of Sciences
I-13-365 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Al-Bourae, Yassir, Newcastle University
Downie, Martin, Newcastle University
Liang, Qiuhua, Newcastle University
I-13-466 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Bihs, Hans, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Kamath, Arun, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Arntsen, Øivind A., Norwegian University of Science and Technology
I-13-430 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Wang, Gin-Shan, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Incorporated
Tan, Chih-Hao, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Incorporated
Tsay, Ming-Shin, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Incorporated
Chang, Yu-Lin, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Incorporated
Kao, Hsien-Chang, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Incorporated
I-13-256 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Corbeil-Létourneau, Simon, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Etienne, Stéphane, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Yu, Ray-Kintack, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Hay, Alexander, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Pelletier, Dominique, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
I-13-364 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Storheim, Martin, SAMCOT
Amdahl, Jørgen, AMOS
I-13-046 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Cavaleri, Luigi, CNR
Bertotti, Luciana, CNR
Pomaro, Angela, CNR
I-13-377 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Reimann, Katja, Hamburg University of Technology
Schwarz, Matthias, Hamburg University of Technology
Grabe, Jürgen, Hamburg University of Technology
I-13-141 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013
Kim, Young-Taek, Korea Institute of Construction Technology
Lee, Jong-In, Chonnam National University
I-13-472 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2013

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