The Tenth International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

28 May-2 June 2000, Seattle, Washington, USA

Number of conference papers: 389

Thakker, A., University of Limerick
Frawley, P., University of Limerick
Daly, D., University of Limerick
Abughailia, Y., University of Limerick
I-00-066 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Thakker, A., University of Limerick
Frawley, P., University of Limerick
Daly, J., University of Limerick
I-00-065 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Qi, Peng, Dalian University of Technology
Zou, Zhili, Dalian University of Technology
Wang, Yongxue, Dalian University of Technology
Qiu, Dahong, Dalian University of Technology
I-00-225 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Chung, Jin S., Colorado School of Mines
I-00-112 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Duclos, G., Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Clément, A.H., Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Chatry, G., Ecole Centrale de Nantes
I-00-243 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Curran, R., The Queen's University of Belfast
de Visser, J.A.P., Delft University of Technology
Rothwell, A., Delft University of Technology
Sterling, S.G., The Queen's University of Belfast
I-00-052 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Lin, Woei-Min, Science Applications International Corporation
Treakle, Thomas, Science Applications International Corporation
Weems, Kenneth, Science Applications International Corporation
Zhang, Sheguang, Science Applications International Corporation
I-00-016 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Park, Jung Wook, Kwandong University
Kim, Kyu Han, Kwandong University
Park, Chang Kun, Kwandong University
Pyun, Chong Kun, Myungji University
I-00-302 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Lok, Tat-Seng, Nanyang Technological University
Cheng, Qian-Hua, Nanyang Technological University
I-00-334 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000
Bellendir, E.N., The B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG
Toropov, E.E., CDB ME "Rubin"
I-00-109 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2000

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