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16th International Conference on Multiphase Production Technology

12-14 June 2013, Cannes, France

Number of conference papers: 33

Molyneux, P.D., GL Noble Denton
Williams, A.R., GL Noble Denton
Tagg, D., ES175 Limited
2013-D2 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Gayet, C., Flourem
N'Diaye, M., Flourem
Liné, A., LISBP-INSA Toulouse
2013-E4 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Shi, H., BP America Production Company
Dong, H., Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Berger, R., Manatee Incorporated
2013-A3 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Peng, D-J., Flow Assurance, INTECSEA (UK) Limited
Vahedi, S., Flow Assurance, INTECSEA (UK) Limited
Wood, T., Flow Assurance, INTECSEA (UK) Limited
2013-E3 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Yang, Z., Statoil ASA
Velthuis, J., TNO
Veltin, J., TNO
Twerda, A., TNO
2013-C3 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Adames, P., SPT Group
Young, B., The University of Auckland
2013-E2 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Liné, A., LISBP-INSA Toulouse
Belt, R., Total
Munoz, J-M., Total
Allain, O., LEMMA
Guegan, D., LEMMA
2013-E1 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Zakarian, E., Woodside Energy Limited
Morgan, J., Woodside Energy Limited
Holm, H., Statoil
Larrey, D., Total
2013-E5 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Kjeldby, T.K., Norwegian Universtiy of Science and Technology
Arnult, T., Norwegian Universtiy of Science and Technology
Nydal, O.J., Norwegian Universtiy of Science and Technology
2013-J2 BHR Conference Paper - 2013
Brasjen, B.J., TNO
Hansen, J.H., Maersk Oil Research and Technology Centre
Schiferli, W., TNO
Belfroid, S.P.C, TNO
2013-H3 BHR Conference Paper - 2013

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