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13th International Conference on Multiphase Production Technology

13-15 June 2007, Edinburgh, UK

Number of conference papers: 31

Belope, M.-A. Abia-Biteo, University of Surrey
Thorpe, R.B., University of Surrey
2007-H1 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Metin, C. Omurlu, Middle East Technical University
Ozbayoglu, M. Evren, Middle East Technical University
2007-G2 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Andreussi, P., University of Pisa
Ciandri, P., TEA Sistemi SpA
Boschi, S., ENI E&P
Tagliaferro, G., STOGIT SpA
Bava, M., STOGIT SpA
2007-E2 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Holmås, K., Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
Biberg, D., Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
2007-B4 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Sagen, J., Institute for Energy Technology
Sira, T., Institute for Energy Technology
Ek, A., Institute for Energy Technology
Selberg, S., Scandpower Petroleum Technology
Chaib, M., Scandpower Petroleum Technology
Eidsmoen, H., Scandpower Petroleum Technology
2007-G1 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Aarvik, A., Norsk Hydro ASA
Olsen, I., Aker Kværner Engineering & Technology
Vannes, K., FMC Technology
Havre, K., Scandpower Petroleum Technology
Krogh, E., Prediktor
2007-A4 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Friedemann, J.D., Vetco Gray
Gruehagen, H., Vetco Gray
Brostrøm, M., Kongsberg Maritime
Hammer, M., Kongsberg Maritime
Costa, D., Total
Larrey, D., Total
Vu, V.K., Total
2007-H2 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Al-Safran, E., Kuwait University
Sarica, C., University of Tulsa
2007-C4 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Poesio, P., Università di Brescia
Strazza, D., Università di Brescia
2007-A6 BHR Conference Paper - 2007
Blaney, S., Cranfield University
Yeung, H., Cranfield University
2007-E3 BHR Conference Paper - 2007

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