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4th North American Rock Mechanics Symposium

31 July-3 August 2000, Seattle, Washington

Number of conference papers: 179

Bargui, H., The University of Oklahoma
Abousleiman, Y., The University of Oklahoma
2000-0261 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Chen, S.G., Nanyang Technological University
Cai, J.G., Nanyang Technological University
Zhao, J., Nanyang Technological University
Zhou, Y.X., Lands and Estates Organisation
2000-0571 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Ghosh, A., Southwest Research Institute
Hsiung, S.M., Southwest Research Institute
2000-1135 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Scott, T.E. Jr., University of Oklahoma
Zeng, Z.-W., University of Oklahoma
Roegiers, J.-C., University of Oklahoma
2000-1129 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Teshima, M., Setsunan University
Michihiro, K., Setsunan University
Yoshioka, H., Osaka Institute of Technology Junior College
Aboshi, H., Hisao Aboshi Research Institute Company Limited
2000-1121 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Cho, I.K., Kangwon National University
Kim, J.H., Kangwon National University
Baek, H.J., Kangwon National University
2000-1331 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Onida, M., University of Milan
Tibaldi, A., University of Milan-Bicocca
Forcella, F., University of Milan-Bicocca
Galadini, F., CNR
2000-0515 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Chen, Wenli, The University of Tokyo
Fukui, Katsunori, The University of Tokyo
Okubo, Seisuke, The University of Tokyo
2000-0027 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Li, Chunlin, Luleå University of Technology
2000-0625 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000
Mueller, A.C., Northwest Numerics and Modeling Incorporated
2000-0769 ARMA Conference Paper - 2000

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