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The 28th U.S. Symposium on Rock Mechanics (USRMS)

29 June-1 July 1987, Tucson, Arizona

Number of conference papers: 136

Ash, Nadim F., The University of Alabama
Park, Duk-Won, The University of Alabama
87-0725 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Pariseau, W.G., University of Utah
Corp, E.L., U.S. Bureau of Mines
Poad, E., U.S. Bureau of Mines
87-0001 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Zimmerman, Roger M., Sandia National Laboratories
Bellman, Robert A. Jr., Science Applications International Corporation
Mann, Kevin L., Science Applications International Corporation
87-0831 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Bauer, Stephen J., Sandia National Laboratories
Holland, John F., Technadyne
87-0707 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Tully, David M., Department of Mining Engineering, University of Newcastle
87-0781 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Gupta, R.N., Central Mining Research Station
Singh, M.M., Central Mining Research Station
Singh, B., Central Mining Research Station
87-0909 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Listak, Jeffrey M., US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines
Zelanko, Joseph C., US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines
87-1083 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Tsai, F.C., Woodward-Clyde Consultants
O'Rourke, J.E., Woodward-Clyde Consultants
Silva, W., Woodward-Clyde Consultants
87-0621 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Wong, Teng-fong, H.I.T., Cambridge
87-0002 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987
Hambley, Douglas F., Argonne National Laboratory
Mraz, Dennis Z., Mraz Project Consultants Ltd
87-0883 ARMA Conference Paper - 1987

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