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The 6th U.S Symposium on Rock Mechanics (USRMS)

28-30 October 1964, Rolla, Missouri

Number of conference papers: 34

Leeman, E.R., Chief Research Officer, National Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, CSIR, Pretoria.
64-407 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Waddell, Galen G., Spokane Mining Research Laboratory, Bureau of Mines, U.S. Department of the Interior
64-023 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Attewell, Peter, University of Sheffield
Brentnall, David, University of Sheffield
64-330 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Erickson, Herbert B., Materials Engineer F & M Branch, Omaha District, U.S. Army Engineers
64-087 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Julin, D.E., Planning and Development Engineer, Climax Molybdenum Company
64-205 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Bradshaw, R.L., Health Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Boegly, W.J., Staff members; Health Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Empson, F.M., Health Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
64-501 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Gnirk, Paul F., Department of Mining Engineering
Johnson, Robert E., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
64-231 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Obert, Leonard, Applied Physics Laboratory, Bureau of Mines, U. S. Department of the Interior
64-539 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Panek, Louis A., Supervisory Physical Research Scientist, Bureau of Mines
Hornsey, Edward E., Bureau of Mines
Lappi, Robert L., Mining Engineer, Bureau of Mines
64-427 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964
Nair, O.B., Formerly Research Assistant and Applied Geophysics, McGill University
Udd, J.E., Department of Mining Engineering and Applied Geophysics, McGill University
64-391 ARMA Conference Paper - 1964

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