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48th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium

1-4 June 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Number of conference papers: 264

Safari, Reza, Weatherford
Huang, Jian, Weatherford
Mutlu, Uno, Weatherford
Glanville, Jonathan, ANSYS
2014-7014 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Safari, Reza, Weatherford
Ghassemi, Ahmad, The University of Oklahoma
2014-6994 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Mikola, Roozbeh Geraili, Jacobs Associates
Sitar, Nicholas, UC Berkeley
2014-7094 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Cruz, Garza T.V., Itasca Consulting Group Inc.
Pierce, M.E., Itasca Consulting Group Inc.
2014-7660 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Stanchits, S., Schlumberger Innovation Center
Burghardt, J., TerraTek
Surdi, A., TerraTek
Edelman, E., Schlumberger Innovation Center
Suarez-Rivera, R., Schlumberger Innovation Center
2014-7775 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Chen, Yu, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
2014-6952 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Elkatatny, S.M., Advantek International; Cairo University
Farid, A., Advantek International
Mohamed, I., Advantek International
Abou-Sayed, O.A., Advantek International
Block, G.I., Advantek International
2014-7761 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Inui, S., Kyoto University
Ishida, T., Kyoto University
Nagaya, Y., Kyoto University
Nara, Y., Kyoto University
Chen, Y., Kyoto University
Chen, Q., 3D Geoscience Inc.
2014-7163 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Gao, K., University of Toronto
Harrison, J.P., University of Toronto
2014-7197 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014
Esterhuizen, G.S., NIOSH Office of Mine Safety and Health Research
Tulu, I.B., NIOSH Office of Mine Safety and Health Research
Klemetti, T., NIOSH Office of Mine Safety and Health Research
2014-7074 ARMA Conference Paper - 2014

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