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47th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium

23-26 June 2013, San Francisco, California

Number of conference papers: 341

Olson, L., Carleton University
Samson, C., Carleton University
McKinnon, S.D., Queen’s University
2013-162 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Lan, Hengxing, University of Alberta - Chinese Academy of Sciences
Martin, C.D., University of Alberta
Qi, Shengwen, University of Alberta
Li, Tianbin, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2013-194 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Zheng, Jiangtao, China University of Mining & Technology
Ju, Yang, China University of Mining & Technology
Wang, Jinbo, China University of Mining & Technology
Yang, Yongming, China University of Mining & Technology
Zhao, Xi, China University of Mining & Technology
Gao, Feng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laborato
2013-382 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Hwang, J., The University of Texas at Austin
Sharma, M.M., The University of Texas at Austin
2013-575 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Day, J.J., Queen’s University
Duran, F.I., Queen’s University
Diederichs, M.S., Queen’s University
Hutchinson, D.J., Queen’s University
2013-377 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Damani, A., University of Oklahoma
Sharma, A., University of Oklahoma
Sondergeld, C.H., University of Oklahoma
Rai, C.S., University of Oklahoma
2013-586 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Hazzard, J.P., Itasca Consulting Group
Pettitt, W.S., Itasca Consulting Group
2013-224 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Chan, A.W., Shell Exploration & Production Co.
Hauser, M., Shell Exploration & Production Co.
Couzens-Schultz, B.A., Shell Exploration & Production Co.
Gray, G., Shell Exploration & Production Co.
2013-302 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Goodfellow, S.D., University of Toronto
Nasseri, M.H.B., University of Toronto
Young, R.P., University of Toronto
Flynn, J.W., Applied Seismology Consultants
Reyes-Montes, J.M., Applied Seismology Consultants
2013-400 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013
Wang, Qian, CNPC Drilling Research Institute
Chen, Zhaowei, CNPC Drilling Research Institute
Ma, Pengpeng, CNPC Drilling Research Institute
Jiang, Yingjian, CNPC Drilling Research Institute
2013-504 ARMA Conference Paper - 2013

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