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Gulf Rocks 2004, the 6th North America Rock Mechanics Symposium (NARMS)

5-9 June 2004, Houston, Texas

Number of conference papers: 113

Suarez-Rivera, Roberto, TerraTek Inc
Martin, Wesley, TerraTek Inc
Green, Sydney, TerraTek Inc
Sundqvist, Johan, Comsol
04-629 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Bai, Mao, TerraTek
Green, Sidney, TerraTek
Suarez-Rivera, Roberto, TerraTek
Morales, Hugo, Schlumberger Oil Filed Services
04-495 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Koupriantchik, D., Australian School of Petroleum, The University Of Adelaide
Hunt, S.P., Australian School of Petroleum, The University Of Adelaide
Meyers, A.G., School Of Geoscience, Minerals and Civil Engineering, University of South Australia
04-493 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Zaki, K.S., Advantek International Corp.
Wang, G., Advantek International Corp.
Meng, F., Advantek International Corp.
Abou-Sayed, A.S., Advantek International Corp.
04-648 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Plischke, Bertold, ISAMGEO Engineering Gmbh
Kageson-Loe, Nils, BP EPTG
Havmoller, Ole, Norsk Hydro
Christensen, Helle Foged, GEO
Stage, Morten Gjetting, GEO
04-454 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Li, Gary G., CANMET, Natural Resources Canada
Vongpaisal, Somchet, CANMET, Natural Resources Canada
Ong, Victor, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc
04-433 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Loe, Nils Kageson, BP EPTG
Stage, Morten Gjetting, GEO
Christensen, Helle Foged, GEO
Havmoller, Ole, Norsk Hydro
04-456 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Miller, Stanley M., Department of Civil Engineering, University of Idaho
Whyatt, Jeffrey K., CDC-NIOSH Spokane Research Laboratory
McHugh, Edward L., CDC-NIOSH Spokane Research Laboratory
04-517 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Molenaar, M.M., Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.
Hatchell, P.J., Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.
van den Beukel, A.C., Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.
Jenvey, N.J., Shell U.K. Limited
Stammeijer, J.G.F., Shell U.K. Limited
van der Velde, J.J., Shell U.K. Limited
de Haas, W.O., Shell U.K. Limited
04-639 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004
Handy, Jeff, Split Engineering, LLC
Donovan, James, Split Engineering, LLC
Thiam, Samba, Split Engineering, LLC
Kemeny, John, Split Engineering, LLC, University of Arizona
04-552 ARMA Conference Paper - 2004

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